Communications from April 1999 to March 2002

from James McKinlay on 4th March, 2002
Leaving year: 2001
I hate typing so ill keep it short!!!! Cheers teachers for putting' up with me and well done for getting' Rid of me ;o) i never thought id say this but i kind of miss school (i am telling the truth) but i am glad its finished.... ok i am off now...

from Zoe O'Connor (ZoeL14@hotmail .com ) on Thursday, February 14, 2002
Leaving year: 1995
Hi to everyone in my year, since i left school I have been to bury college , studing business studies at G.N.V.Q intermedate and advance. I have bought a house with my boyfriend Tim. I really enjoyed my time at woodhey exspecially when we went sking at morzen in France just before we left in 1995. zoe

from Philip Harris ( ) on Monday, February 11, 2002
Leaving year: 1998
Hi everybody, still based at 259 Signal Squadron in sunny Cyprus, living out now in Kolossi Village, got a rented house. Hoping to visit the UK in the next 4-12months, not been home for a year and half now. Retraining to Royal Military Police shortly.
Got engaged last summer,thats about all my news, hope everyone is enjoying life, Phil.

from Dave Allen ( ) on Tuesday, February 5, 2002
Leaving year: 1994

from Tammy Matthews (ALLAN@NICHOLSON152.FSNET.CO.UK ) on Tuesday, February 5, 2002
Leaving year: 1995
hiya to all those that remember me!
I'm currently living in Southampton and have twin daughters that are 3 in June. I was in the Navy for 3 years, 6 months of that was spent in the carribean !!!!Hard life! Well if you fancy catching up send us an e-mail

from Natalie Robinson ( ) on Friday, January 25, 2002
Leaving year: 1997
I have been meaning to do this since hearing about the site!
I'd like to say what a fantastic time I had here and say a big thank you to the P.E staff who set me on track for my future. I am currently in my 3rd year at Wolverhampton University studying Sports science, hoping to join the Police or continue onto a PGCE to pursue a career in P.E teaching, would you recommend it Mr. Cuttings? I'd also like to say a big hello to everyone who remembers me, especially Liz Holt who didn't include me in her list of good friends in her email to this site! BOO!!!
Take care to all of you, lots of love

from Natalie Jenkins
Leaving year: 1996
Just a quickie to add on some info I forgot to include in my previous e-mail. Since leaving school in 1996 I decided to go back to college last September and I am currently studing towards a HNC in Business. Can't believe I'm now paying to learn! Note to Mr Cuttings - after all those descusions in English about why we weren't allowed to smoke in the bottom tennis courts, you'll be glad to hear I quit. I remeber all teachers and friends fondly - but I wouldn't want to turn back time and I wish some of my friends were still with us.
bye for now

from Jane Hurst (Warburton) ( ) on Tuesday, January 22, 2002
Leaving year: 1988
I always remember Mr Dunn giving me sound career advice when I told him that I wanted to join the Royal Navy! He said oh be a secretary or hairdresser! haha. Well I joined the Royal Navy and had 4 fantastic years enjoying life!!! I even met my husband there! So thanks Mr Dunn even though I didn't listen you made me more determined!!!!!

from Natalie Jenkins ( ) on Monday, January 21, 2002
Leaving year: 1996
Wow! What a joy to stumble accross this website. Great to see what people are up to now. I left Bury in 1999 after meeting my boyfriend on holiday. Living and working in Redditch (S.B'ham). Went back to college and currently studying HNC Business. Bye!

from Nina Anderson ( on Thursday, January 17, 2002
Leaving year: 1997
Oh my word a Woodhey web site! I am currently studying for a BA(HONS) in Primary Ed with QTS specialising in Art at Edgehill in Ormskirk. This was not really on the cards when i was at school but times have changed and i am really enjoying it.
All the teachers were great at Woodhey but I would especially like to thank Mr Garvey and Mr Bowerbank for being an inspiration to me, I hope i am only half as good as you guys when i qualify. Would really love to hear from the old gang like John Law, Will Simm, Esther Meredith and Stuart Martin as we lost touch about 2 years ago, so if you are out there e mail me.

from Dave Sykes (Sykesy) (DAVETHERAVENO1@BOLTBLUE.COM) on Monday, November 26, 2001
Leaving year: 1986

from Katie Stamp (Stampy) ( on Sunday, November 18, 2001
Leaving year: 2000
Hi everyone! I've never been able to find this website, its taken me over a year! I'd just like to say THANKYOU to all the teachers and to let you know that I'm in my 2nd yr at Bury College, but its really boring! I didn't think I'd say this but I wish I was back at school! Also, just to let the P.E teachers know that I'm STILL running for Bury!!!! 
Thankyou again to all my FAB teachers, and HI to all my friends! 
lots of love STAMPY xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

from Carole Quill (Paterson) ( on Saturday, November 17, 2001
Leaving year: 1988
Hey there everyone! Its so good to be able to send you all this message. Thanks for all the great times and good laughs. I am now searching around the Lakes for a secondary school for my own daughter! Considering moving to Ramsbottom. Woodhey was the best! Great memories!
Now teaching at a junior school in Windermere. I think the kids think I'm crazy, and they are probably right!
Thanks, Mrs Baines, Miss Bowker, Mr Turner, and not forgetting Mrs Woolhouse!
Take care all of you, I hope someone sorts a reunion out soon for the class of 88'

from Emma Greenhalgh ( on Monday, November 12, 2001
Leaving year: 2001
Hey everyone! I'm just writing to say thanx for five fab years and will you take me back?  Only joking but I will come back one day to visit you. 
Make sure everyone does their homework! 
lots of love  Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

from Peter Atkinson (Atki) ( on Thursday, November 8, 2001
Leaving year: 1997
Hiya everyone. Is it 2001 already!?! Time doesn't half fly. 
I left Woodhey and went onto Holy Cross. After this I went to Bolton College where I gained 3 A-Levels. I'm now living and currently working as a manager for a night club/bar in Manchester. See ya all soon! 
Contact me if your interested in getting in touch. ATKI

from David Atkinson ( on Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Leaving year: 1995
web site address:
Woodhey has an internet site?  I don't believe it... I can still remember the Acorn Computers and BBCs in the IT suite... and its hard to think how it would be the same there without Mr Bennett.  
Where is everyone from my form ??  That's form E! 
I'm now living in Leicester and have a job working for, after completing a degree in Geography and Tourism. 
I've also done lots of travelling all over the world and even spent 6 months working as a rep in Gran Canaria..

from Joanna Rea ( on Monday, October 29, 2001
Leaving year: 1984
I've been living in Madrid for 10 years now. I'd love to hear from anyone from my year especially Nicola Chambers, Louise Maher, Noel Castree and Chris Mayes. 
I'd also like to hear from Miss Ford who was always an inspiration.

from Daniel Ison ( on Wednesday, October 24, 2001
Leaving year: 1982
Since leaving Woodhey, I have seen a lot of the world. I now live in the deep south, Mississippi. The folks are friendly and the weather nice, except for tornado season when things can turn suddenly violent.
I would be interested in hearing from anyone who left in my year or who may remember me.

from Anthony Fallows ( on Friday, October 19, 2001
Leaving year: 1987
Left in 1987 - I think!!  And yet another person with nothing better to do all day at work than surf the net.  
Woodhey certainly gave me a sound start in life!  
Would love to hear from anyone who knows me particularly the class of 87.

from Becky French ( on Thursday, October 18, 2001
Leaving year: 1995
After leaving Woodhey I went to Holy Cross college and then on to The University of Nottingham to complete a Psychology Degree. Then I moved down to Taunton (Somerset) to do a PGCE and now I am living in north London working as a primary teacher (year 3). 
After a couple of years teaching I hope to do a masters or PhD so that I can move into the field of Educational Psychology (what I really want to do!).
Just wanted to say hi and thanks to all the teachers that taught me at Woodhey. Now I know how hard your job is!

from Andrew Nash ( on Thursday, October 18, 2001
Leaving year: 2001
Good site. Hi everyone how are you all. Please contact me to let me know how you are. College is ok but could be better. Looking forward to getting out of education!
Andy Nash

from Cath Ellis ( on Saturday, October 13, 2001
Leaving year: 1996
Hello to ya all!!!
Left school went to Accy+Rossendale College, studied Performing Arts.
Didn't go to uni!   I am now teaching Street Dancing,Breakdancing and Salsa dancing all over the North west and Midlands at high schools and primary schools.  Street dance is what you see on MTV / CD UK (all the backing dancers)   I have my own dance company and have over 100 people altogether in my dance classes.  Watch out for me in the pop videos!!
Still very close to my two sisters Jayne Ellis and Joanne Ellis they both have two kids and doing really well in their jobs.
Still keep in touch with Stef Brennan ( mason) and Jenny Partington.  
Thanks to staff at Woodhey and Mr Cutting for teaching me the meaning of irony!!!!!!!

from Beverley Jackson ( on Wednesday, October 10, 2001
Leaving year: 1985
A potted history of the 16 years (my god) since leaving school .. Peel College then Hull University followed by a short spell working in the travel industry before returning to University (Surrey) to do an M.Sc. For the last 8 years, I've been working in social research, mainly doing large-scale surveys on behalf of government departments and charities/other public bodies.
Considering maths was by far my weakest point at school (ok, excluding physics), I am constantly stunned that I have ended up in such a "numbers" based career.
On the personal side, I've been living in London for the past 10 years and got married in May 2000. My husband, Mat, is a confirmed southerner so a move back home doesn't look likely in the near future! No kids, unless you count the husband, as yet.

from Tim Ball ( on Monday, October 8, 2001
Leaving year: 1991
Many memories of Woodhey still stay in my head, sadly though they are all connected with being in trouble...... particularly the ridiculous number of detentions I seemed to get from Mrs Gander for simply not doing my maths homework..... a bit mean I thought.......
I left in 1991 and went on to Holy Cross do flunk A levels, then on to Music College in Birmingham and then post grad in London and Germany. I am now a freelance classical musician living and working in London (listen out for "The Matrix 2" soundtrack, I did some sessions for it!) As people might remember me I am not now 30 stone, but quite fit and really enjoy cross country about that Mr Turner and Mr Cutting (I was always faking those asthma attacks running up Summerseat Lane) I've entered the London Marathon so watch out for me next April!! I
t would be g! reat to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch....... .....very best wishes to everyone and especially Mrs Archibald and Mrs Baines. Anyone remember Mr Morley................

from Chris "Meatball" Gelderd ( on Wednesday, October 3, 2001
Leaving year: 2001
All at Woodhey! Hey hey!! I finally did it and surprised myself, the teachers, friends and family by passing 8 of 9 GCSE's, and I have to say it is a great deal down to the EXCELLENT people at Woodhey.
Mr.Bowerbank made those History lessons bearable and you must keep going with that lacy humour! I know everyone who passed wants to thank all the memorable teachers like Mr. Dunning, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Roadnight, Mr.Turner and Mr. Cutting, Mrs. Spokes and the many more who helped us all get to the college we are at today.
I am still going strong with Pippa by the way!
Thanks again for making my future look a lot brighter! The 2001 years will NOT be forgotten.

from Tim Ball ( on Monday, October 8, 2001
Leaving year: 1991
Many memories of Woodhey still stay in my head, sadly though they are all connected with being in trouble...... particularly the ridiculous number of detentions I seemed to get from Mrs Gander for simply not doing my maths homework..... a bit mean I thought.......or Mr Bennett pushing me around his office for something that I really did not do!!!!! (wouldn't get away with that now Frank...!) I left in 1991 and went on to Holy Cross do flunk A levels, then on to Music College in Birmingham and then post grad in London and Germany. I am now a freelance classical musician living and working in London (listen out for "The Matrix 2" soundtrack, I did some sessions for it!) As people might remember me I am not now 30 stone, but quite fit and really enjoy cross country about that Mr Turner and Mr Cutting (I was always faking those asthma attacks running up Summerseat Lane) I've entered the London Marathon so watch out for me next April!! It would be g! reat to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch....... .....very best wishes to everyone and especially Mrs Archibald and Mrs Baines. Anyone remember Mr Morley................

from David Darlington ( on Wednesday, September 26, 2001
Leaving year: 1991
Now living in Newcastle working for Accenture.
Recently became a proud father to a baby boy, Aiden Rhys. Makes me feel even older thinking how many years it has been since I was at Woodhey!

from Sian Prosser ( on Friday, September 7, 2001 and September 19
Leaving year: 1994
Hello everyone. Its great to read about old friends and what they are up to all these years later. A special hello to Lesley Berry, now that names a blast from the past !!
After Woodhey I went to Peel college for a year then on to Stand to do my A-levels.I disappeared off to Bangor Uni in North Wales to do a degree in Psychology and never really came back to Ramsbottom.I now live in Wiltshire with my boyfriend. I work in a boarding school for boys with Aspergers Syndrome.
Thanks to all the teachers who were at Woodhey when I was and Mr Turner I got a C for Maths GCSE in the end ! Never took up sport though !!

from Carys Louise and Vicki ( on Sunday, September 2, 2001.
Leaving year: 2001
Hi everyone!
We d just like to say school rocked but we re glad to be gone. Not that we won t miss some of you! we ve had a fab summer got the grades we wanted and are looking forward to college.We wanna say thanx to all the teachers for makin us reach all those "VERY IMPORTANT" deadlines not mentioning any names.............Mrs Rowlands, and helping us get into college.
N to the best form teacher ever Mr Bowerbank keep feedin that sexy belly we wont forget the funniest form periods ever. Thanx sir!
We didnt mind NOT going on all those school trips (honest) but we ll agree to forgive and forget.
lots of love to you all
Carys Louise and Vicki

from James Smith ( on Sunday, September 2, 2001.
Leaving year: 1995
After reading what a lot of people have been up to, it's actually a little bit depressing!! I haven't lived abroad or gone to Uni and I dropped out of college twice!! Fortunately, I have had a good chance to see the country, after working on an installation's team for an Office Furniture Manufacturer for 5 years. This work has took me from Aberdeen to Brighton, Dublin to Cardiff, and from Liverpool to Hull. Unfortunatley not state-side, or to Australia, but what the Hey!!
It's hard to look back at school years with any bad memories.Most of the teacher's were fantastic! Dunn, McNally, Metcalfe, Gander, Baines, to name just a few. Hell, even Mr. Bennett was O.K. (I never did any math's homework and managed to hide that for nearly two year's.)
My best memories are probably from the school show's or the ski-ing trip's. I'm still in touch with a few from Woodhey, but I found it quite dis-heartening how many names are missing from this site. Still, I'll probably bump into you on Good Friday, 2002.
Respec'! Peace! OUT!!

from Jonny Soesan ( on Thursday, August 30, 2001.
Leaving year: 1995
After leaving Woodhey I went to Holy Cross College. I went to Manchester Met uni and left after 4 months!!! After various stints working in Edinburgh and Newcastle over the last couple of years I am currently working in Parrswood as a manager in the Megabowl.
Hello to all the teachers especially Mr Hodkinson.
See you soon

from Ben Cordier ( on Thursday, August 30, 2001.
Leaving year: 1995
Went to Stand, then Sheffield University and got a degree. I am about to do a year on the PGCE course at Manchester, to see if teaching is for me. I enjoyed woodhey, good teachers esp hodkinson, woolhouse,rothwell and shep. HEY v WOD were good footie matches! Good luck to everyone from our year.

from Astrid Dahl ( on Thursday, August 30, 2001.
Leaving year: 1981
Hey there..i left woodhey to move to Canada..and have many fond memories about the school and the friends i had there and the teachers and the head mistress whom i encountered on more than one occasion for hmmmm bad behaviour..teehee(i was about 13)i had some great friends there and think of them often..Allison,jane,Samantha,Mark,joanne the list goes on...i would really like to re-connect with old i think of them often..if you havn't forgotten me please give me an E i would love to hear from you!!!!!!!

from Sam Smith ( on Wednesday, August 29, 2001.
Leaving year: 1999
just thought i'd let you all know - i'm off to leicester to study geology and i'm really happy about it!!! i'd just like to say thanks again to all my teachers from school for helping me get this far. take care everyone, sam xxx

from Martin Horrocks ( on Tuesday, August 28, 2001.
Leaving year: 1993
I've just stumbled on this site, I can't believe it's 1991 since I left.....I am living in Rammy having been away at Uni for 4 years. I spend some time at home and quite a lot of time away all over the place with work (US, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Scandinavia).
Still see some people from school and every time I see Keith Webb we discuss organising a reunion, probably because we've had a few beers. If anyone fancies it give me a shout and I will organise something.

from Lee Armstrong ( on Thursday, August 23, 2001.
Leaving year: 1996
Hello to all from Year 11 in 1996, and anyone else who remembers me.
Anyone know what happened to the likes of Peter Lawrence, Jon Wilson, Mike Partridge, Sam Ellis and the rest of the gang??
Well after Woodhey I went on to do my A-Levels at Holy Cross and from there I am now at Sheffield Uni - NOT HALLAM! - studying for a Masters degree in Computer Science, money would be quite nice but I dont want to work for a living just yet!! Nothing changes!
Anyone want to get in touch drop us a line, Lee

from Paul Gregory And Jamie Ellis ( on Saturday, August 18, 2001.
Leaving year: 2001
Hi everybody...I know we haven't been away from the hallowed corridors for long but I'm sure that you'll be pleased to know that we have sent in another handful of pictures for the Leavers' Function page. Can we say a big thankyou to all the people who made that night a most memorable occasion and to Bernard who agreed to let us post that picture of him. We will look forward to seeing the Bury College Crew at college in September but we will see every one at school on results day. Keep it unreal and don't go OTT with the celebrations because it's only your GCSE's not your birthday.
See ya'all soon.
From Podge and ELTELL

from Mark Ashcroft (Stash) ( on Tuesday, August 14, 2001.
Leaving year: 1986
So many names, So many years. Great to read everyone's thoughts. Still live in Holcombe Brook. Would love to hear from anyone in the class of '86. Thanks Woodhey, loved every minute

from Victoria Lawford ( on Tuesday, August 14, 2001 .
Leaving year: 1989
After leaving Woodhey I traveled around alot, doing various things, before finaly having a child at 25 (Thomas), and moved to Edibnurgh. Here I am currently attending Edinburgh University, married, and having a great time.

from Kath Mitchell ( on Friday, August 10, 2001.
Leaving year: 1990
Well, a woodhey website, an interesting read.
I doubt i'll be remembered from school, i've seen a few familiar names on the friends reunited site and want to say hello to Gwen Varnom and Susie Vatchell (you were both dead clever!! and i never did pass sociology!),hope you are well!
My favourite form teacher had to be Miss Ford, who's compassion knew no bounds, and Mr Kervella with his bazooka!! I'm still in contact with Alesha Jones, she works in the company where i'm an assistant manager (shocking really considering i was such a dosser at school), i'm also in contact with Jade Wootton who now lives in Scotland. Hello to Kate Hanson, do you remember the last day of school when we were all marched up to Mr Bennets office by Mr Ingham after being caught down pot green egging and flouring people?! hehe.

from Martin Frost "Frosty" ( on Thursday, July 26, 2001.
Leaving year: 1995
Wow...Woodhey's got a webpage!
After leaving I went on to study Engineering and then on to do a degree in I.T. which I've now completed. The best memories I've got of Woodhey have to be Mr Hodkinson's geography we got away with some of the things we did in that lesson I will never know!
Also, you still like bumble bees???!
Andy T, Bob Brown, Caroline Lee, Annabel Ison...where are you now???!!!

from Jenna Doodes ( on Thursday, July 26, 2001.
Leaving year: 2000
Hi everyone! I left Woodhey in 2000 to move to New Zealand.I was in year 9. I just want to say that my years at Woodhey were the best school days ever! The teaching over here is of alot lower standard than at Woodhey. I would just like to say a big thankyou to all the staff especially those who taught me. I will never forget you!
Please say hi to my class they will be in 10 Kay after the holidays! I miss you all very much! Please keep in touch! Jenna Doodes

from Adam Anderson ( on Sunday, July 8, 2001.
Leaving year: 1994
Hello, everyone that remembers me. After leaving in 1994 I went on to study A levels at Stand,and then went into fashion. After 5 sucessful years I am now the designer ladieswear merchandiser for GUS/Argos.
Hope everyone who I went to Woodhey with is okay, and if anyone wishes to contact me to catch up, please get in touch. Would like to say thanks to Mrs Metcalfe for all her patience,and to Howard Turner for getting me into this line of work.
Take care.

from David Pickvance ( on Monday, June 18, 2001 .
Leaving year: 1983
Hurray!!! I went to Woodhey and only lasted 2 years, as we went to live in Australia. Even in two years I remember it all with fond memories. I have to admit to being absolutely terrified of the teachers in particular: Mr Shepherd, Mr Massey, Mr Bennett, and plenty of others.
I have moved to London this year with my wife. I am a film and television composer and my wife is an Interior designer and we are here for our careers.
Would love to hear from the 2E gang of 1983...say hello to 'Pickles'...I missed you all so much!

from Graham Verner ( on Thursday, June 14, 2001.
Leaving year: 1994
Woodhey on the web? No way!!
Seems like ages since I left the old place, still haven't finished education though! After getting my A levels from Stand and a masters in maths and physics from Warwick, i'm now studying for my PhD at Birmingham. I hope Mrs Gander reads this - she always gave me a hard time in maths class!!
TaKe iT eAsY y'all!!

from Robert Moore ( on Monday, June 11, 2001.
Leaving year:
It's really strange seeing this site! My little sister, Katy still goes to Woodhey.I am glad to say I have kept in touch with most of my school friends.

from Neil Speight ( on Thursday, June 7, 2001.
Leaving year: 1994
5 tremendous years! Definitely set me up for the future. Thanks to all the teachers, but especially Mr Dunn, Mrs Burrow and Shep. Top memories, notably the cup winning football team of 1991.
Work in London now in Corporate Recovery having got a Law degree from Sheffield Uni and then spent a year travelling and working in Australia.
Would be cool to get in touch with some people from my year. Have spotted some names on the list, and hopefully there'll be a few additions over the next few months.
Thanks again Woodhey!

from Mark Fenton ( on Thursday, May 17, 2001.
Leaving year: 1986
Web site:
It would be good to hear from any of my old collegues, find out what we have all been up to in the past 15 (!!) years. Same goes for any ex-teachers of mine.

from Andrew Kirkman ( on Tuesday, May 8, 2001.
Leaving year: 1987
Stunned to see a Woodhey web site!
Hello to all the pupils and teachers that remember me. If anyone would like to exchange email, please email me.

from Gavin Strachan ( on Thursday, April 26, 2001.
Leaving year: 1994
Wow I really don't know what to say, really good to see this site.
I hope to hear from some of the folk from my year, I am now back in England after moving to Scotland, really hope to hear from you all.

from Andrew Haworth ( on Wednesday, April 18, 2001.
Leaving year: 1986
Great site and a very good idea!
Now a computer programmer, Webmaster and some electronics work. I moved to the Lake district '95 along with the company I have worked for since '89 (ACM Instruments - Own my own piece of the Lake District (just 1.25 acres) with two horses. Like to hear from anyone in my year, especially Jason as he still has my C64.
Nice to see you built the Hall at last!

from Carl Horrocks on Friday, April 13, 2001.
Leaving year: 1987
I can't believe that there is a web page. I also can't believe Nik Kershaw and Howard Jones aren't number 1 anymore!
Mr Kervella, Das, Cuttings, Turner and Miss Bowker - if any of my year remember me and would like a chat and maybe re-organize a reunion, then my telephone number is 0161-764-3489.

from Christopher "Clarkii" Clark ( on Thursday, April 12, 2001 .
Leaving year: 1997
How do all! Well after leaving woodhey i went to Holy Cross and got 3 A-levels. Afterwards i went to Lancaster uni, and now i'm at Penn State University, Pennsylvania (which is nice!), studying for a Bsci/USA in Biochemistry with Molecular Genetics.
I'd like to say cheers to all the staff at Woodhey, especially Mrs. Metcalf and Mrs. Burrows for putting up with me, and helping me master the English language (although because my English is so bad, over in America my lecturers frequently think i'm Dutch).
Cheerio Clarkii

from Henry VIII ( on Sunday, April 1, 2001 .
Leaving year: 1678
'There is none such better than this school. Thou hast have yourselves a triumphant institution where many will succeed with honour and wisdom'

from Kathryn Allen ( on Thursday, March 22.
Leaving year: 1994
I can't believe this web-site exists! It's great reading through all the comments from past pupils. I
'm working for the Careers Service now and loving every minute of it, I still even have contact with good old Woodhey through work, now that is odd!!!
Thank you to all the teachers who put up with me for 5 years, you ought to be very proud of yourselves!! Hi to anyone that knows me too! If anyone wants to get in touch with me, please e-mail me, it'd be great to hear from old friends!

from Karen Malley ( on Thursday, March 22.
Leaving year: 1985
God Blast from the past or what.
Went to Holy X for all of two months and then went out into the real world. Now live on Dartmoor, S.Devon and love it. Work for Goss Challenges in Totnes - we made that huge blue catamaran that was on the news a lot over Christmas.
Hello to Kirsty Hilton and Fiona McDowell. Might bump into you all soon. Anyone who remembers me, feel free to drop me a line and say hello.

from Liz Holt ( on Saturday, March 17.
Leaving year: 1997
I've been meaning to do this for ages, it's a great idea and I enjoy seeing names I recognise.
I'm currently at Keele University in Staffordshire studying Law and Criminology but manage to make it home to Bury fairly often to keep in touch with the great friends I made whilst at Woodhey.
I'd like to say hi to all staff and friends from my Woodhey days and to my good mates Ali(Bebbi) and Nicky(Ruzza).

from Matthew Isherwood ( on Wednesday, March 14.
Leaving year: 1994
Fancy stumbling across this! So many old names that I had forgotten!
Well, after my years at Woodhey, I went off to Stand College, followed by the University of Sheffield to study Geography (cheers to Mr Hod and Mrs Hibbert!).
Last year I took the plunge and moved to the big smoke down south, where I now live and work as a Marketing Information Executive for the Newspaper Society. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me, so drop me an email!

from Pam Bebbington ( on Monday, March 12.
Leaving year: 1995
Really good idea this website!!
After Woodhey went to Holy cross doing my A-levels in P.E. Spanish and Biology. I now work for Concert (Telecom Company) in Manchester.
For those teachers reading this, it'll probably be the PE teachers who remember me best as I was permanently in that Sports Hall for five years!!
Hello to my best friends at school who were Joanne Ruzza, Claire Brown, Cath Howarth, Johnny Soesan, Ben Watkinson AND Sarah Pay. Anyone who remembers me send me an email to let me know how you are doing. James Martin where are you now?? Get in touch if you read this blondie!! I could do with a good laugh!
Thanks to all the teachers who helped me pass my exams.
See you at our reunion in about 10 years!!

from Adele Pickvance ( on Saturday, March 10.
Leaving year: 1983
Stumbled across this site and came across some very familiar names!!!
I left in 83 as my family moved Down Under (I live in Melbourne).
Still think of Woodhey as a great part of my life and have lots great memories. I'm a staff nurse here and play in a rocknroll band that does frequent european tours (callled the Go Betweens) .
Love to get in contact with Mrs Johnson, she used to teach violin there...also love to hear from anyone who remembers the Pickies!

from Stuart Wilkinson ( on Thursday, March 1.
Leaving year: 1995
After leaving Woodhey in '95 I went on to study I.T and Computative Maths. After passing both I took a year out and took a totally different turn in life and am now an I.P.W Controller (Posh talk for advanced graphic designer). I have plenty of mooler in my pocket and am enjoying life.
Woodhey was a great period of my life and am thankfull for all the support from the teachers apart from Mr Das who caught me designing a 'extra comfy mattress' (don't ask) in his English lesson and I received Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry to my head for my troubles, Hey Ho.

from Ali Claire Bebbington ( on Monday, February 26.
Leaving year: 1997
I'd just like to say hi to everyone at Woodhey, especially those teachers who had to put up with me for 5 great years!! I know its been a long time, but I still can't believe Mr Bennett has left - things can't be the same without him there!
After leaving Woodhey, I went to Holy Cross and did a GNVQ in Health and Social Care, and French and General Studies A-levels.I am now at Liverpool John Moores University studying a BA(Hons)in Childhood Studies and loving it! Hopefully I'll be going into primary school teaching in the future.
Hello to everyone who knew me, hope you are all living happy and successful lives! Special thank you's to Mr Garvey (screaming laughing), Mr Hod, Mr O'D, Mr Bennett, Mr+Mrs Edwards, Mrs Bennett, Miss Wood, Mrs Spokes and Miss Ford who never gave up on me!
Take care, Love and best wishes,
Ali Bebbi x

from James Roberts ( on February 17, 2001.
Leaving year: 1999
After leaving Woodhey I was lucky enough to be accepted for the "elite" Foundation College of the Army at Harrogate where I excelled to my usual standards!
Seriously, though, life is great - not only can I drive a car, I get to drive a Challenger 2 tank too!! Many bucks in my little mits.... I'll have to concentrate more than I did at Woodhey.
Thanks to all those teachers who didn't give up on me, and thanks to those who did... proved everyone wrong - I am a SUCCESS..
Best wishes to all, especially Mrs Burrow - top teacher.
James R - see you round Rammy some time for a beer!

from Jamie Fox ( on February 17, 2001.
Leaving year: 1997
Since leaving I've obtained an Advanced GNVQ in Art and design and 2 A-levels, one in Fine Art, the other in Graphic Design. Im currently doing a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design. Surprised to hear from PC Collings that there was a web page for Woodhey, so I had to say something, even though the design of the page leaves a lot to be desired.
Hope every ones doing well and that the people I was mates with are doing well.
See y'all around

from Adele Tolan and Helen Speight ( on February 7, 2001.
Leaving year: 1999
Hiya all, we have just come across this website and think its a really great idea.
Well, we are both at Holy Cross now in our final year. I'm planning to go to Newcastle university to study for a Nursing degree while Adele is taking a year out. We'd just like to say what a great time we had at Woodhey and thanks to all the teachers who got us through our exams!!
Adele says Hi to Lomi and Carys xx

from Nicola Johnson (nee Williams) ( on January 31, 2001.
Leaving year: 1992
A Woodhey Website Wow!! A far cry from when I was a shy and quiet pupil at Woodhey.
I left in 1992 and have been VERY busy since! After graduating from Uni. I have been working in Marketing for three years and am currently Marketing for a large college in Stockport - I just can't stay away from education - I'm even married to a PE teacher!!!! We have a son called Josh (18mths old).
So if anyone remembers the "perm gang" or if Joanne Barnes - Naomi Durham - Annaliese Edwards - Gill Black or Lausanne Barlow are reading contact me as we have got loads of catching up to do!

from Alison Whittaker ( on January 28, 2001.
Leaving year: 2000
I'm now at Holy Cross and it's alright, like everyone else says it's not as good as school. I'd just thought I'd say thanks to all the staff who taught me for those 5 years and for the ski holidays.
Unfortunately I don't think I'll say the same about Holy Cross. Never mind.
See you soon!
Love Ali xx

from Peter Bradbury ( on January 24, 2001.
Leaving year: 1992
A big hello to all ex-pupils and teachers that have known me. Mr Thorn (my accomplice in many Woodhey exploits) informed me of this site so I thought i'd add some text. Since leaving all those years ago after a short stint at Holy X I took the plunge into the 'real world' and never looked back. I went into Insurance - following my Fathers footsteps but realised (after 5 years) that I wasn't going to become the next Richard Branson so hotfooted to Scotland as a Software Tester.
Two years on, I live in the 'Smoke' and am working for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world testing websites, iTV, PDA's etc - cool job, cool people oh and watch out 'Rich Branson':))!!

from Philip Harris ( on January 20, 2001.
Leaving year: 1998
Currently serving at 259 Signal Squadron Cyprus, Episkopi. At present am the resident installation tech on Troodos Mountain det. I'll be on the mountain for 2 weeks, i will then return to my home garrison.

from Heather Durose ( on January 10, 2001.
Leaving year: 2000
Hey there, i've been searching for this website for ages and now i've finally found it,so I couldn't visit without dropping you a line. I
'm at Holy Cross and i hate it! You don't realise how good school is until you leave. It was so much easier than college and more fun, everyone is miserable at college.
Girls, the talent is hopeless! They all love themselves!
Anyway i've got to go as i'm late for my lesson again so see you soon and if your lucky i might write again.
Lots of love
Heather xxxxxxxxxxx

from Michael Ellis ( on January 9, 2001.
Leaving year: 1995
I left in 1995. It was a good time I had there and apparently, teachers are still asking about me!

from Peter Rowley ( on December 27, 2000.
Leaving year: 1997
Web site:
Hey everyone. I've already put meself on this site already. I think that there should be a reunion for the 5th year leavers of 1997. Anyone who left from the class of 1997 and thinks that a reunion is a good idea then get in touch with me on the email.

from Clive Collings ( on December 20, 2000.
Leaving year: 1992
It is very strange to find myself popping up the 'former pupils message page' whenever I stumble across the site. I'm still driving about, arresting people for South Yorkshire Police. Its a far cry from the shy lad who went to Woodhey!
Glad to see that Mr Garvey and Mrs Hibbert are still about. I'd love to get in contact with some of my old school mates, I lost touch with them when I moved down south. They include Neil Bradbury, David Brack, Stuart Moots, Leon Altham, Tyrone McIvor...
Merry Christmas to all at Woodhey.

from Paul Thorn ( on December 14, 2000.
Leaving year: 1992
Hi everyone who knows me. Just thought I would add a few comments to this page. It's been a few years now since I left school and let me tell you as older people they were some of the best years of my life so far.
Since leaving school I have achieved my life long ambition to become an airline pilot. I have been flying for the past fours years and currently fly the Boeing 737 for a low cost airline called 'Go' (a B.A. owned company) and loving every minute. Scarey thought hey. But they do actually let me fly and I feel very lucky to be where I am.
Hello to all the teachers who know me. You never know I may pop in one day if i'm passing.
I currently live down south next to Stansted airport and have done so for the last three years. Well done on getting the school hall finally.
A special hello to Ben Horrocks (sorry I should say Mr Horrocks or sir). I've heard he's not too strict on the pupils because he too was a former pupil.
Anyone who knows me please feel free to e-mail me and I will get in touch.
Bye for now.

from Paul Hodkinson ( on December 13, 2000.
Leaving year: 1993
For a technophobe like myself, it's fantastic to find a bit of nostalgia on the internet.
In fact, this site is well up there with 'Chorlton and the Wheelies'.
I hope some of my old favourite teachers are still reading the riot act. You know who you are.
Is my grey sock still in lost property ?
Remember, i'm not as green as I am cabbage looking.

from Lesley Berry ( on December 11, 2000.
Leaving year: 1994
It looks as though this site has, and will continue, to circle the globe - it came to me in San Francisco from Ian Berry and Martine Kay in India....and to think where we all started! It's funny how we all move on and lose touch, but let's hope this will allow a few of our paths to cross again!
Best wishes to everyone!

from Martine Kay and Ian Berry ( on December 9, 2000 .
Leaving year: 1991
Well hello there Woodhey! What a nice suprise!..
We left in 1991..Martine went to Stand College with her girlie friends and then onto work for Airtours, Ian went to play for Blackburn Rovers FC...we weren't together then, but we are now...having spent 12months in USA, 18 months in OZ and Asia and we are now currently in Calcutta working our way home through India.....
Mr are a true diamond..and it is ALL true what you say about this place and the Ganges Delta!!...
Kids listen to your teachers as they are right (most of the time!)..
BD..hope all is well ..and Ian'll see you on the golf course when we get home! all the rest of the teachers...THANK YOU!!!..and if you remember us
Best Wishes!! xxxx

from Adi Coulborn ( on Thursday, November 30.
Leaving year: 1997
Since leavin in 1997 i have been attending Bolton College i am now in my last year on a BTEC National Diploma in I.T I never thought i'd say i miss school but i do.
Cheers to all the teachers that put up with me over all those years

from Geneive and Lisa ( on Thursday, November 23.
Leaving year: 2000
Hey everyone!! We just wanted to say thanks to everyone for everything you've done! We're at Holy Cross and it's cool but not a patch on you!!
Special thanks to Mrs Bhim-Roa and Mr. Bowerbank- YOU ROCK!!!!!
We miss you all (kind of) see you soon! L
ots of Love Neve and Lisa!! xxxx

from Steve Kay ( on Wednesday, November 22.
Leaving year: 1989
Well what a surprise to find this site. When I was at Woodhey i did GCSE computers (god knows why) and all you could do was play with BBC Micro Bs (sorry to anyone who can't remember them),and it was the only thing I failed. Now i play with them for a job. Strange!!
I hope all of the teachers that put up with me are still well and if there's anybody from my year who reads this, just drop me a note and say hello.

from Phil Whittaker ( on Wednesday, November 22.
Leaving year: 2000
Woodhey was pretty good, most of the teachers were good, especially the ones who didnt tell my mum at parents evening i talk to much, but that excludes most of you. I m at holy cross now and the teachers here are now taking over your roles and telling my mum that i distract the rest of the class, some things will never change

from Elisabeth Wagner ( on Friday, November 17.
Leaving year: 1992
Hi Woodhey
Fancy stumbling across your webpage!
Interesting to see that a lot of the teachers still remain! Thanks Woodhey especially for all the encouragement and support u gave me in relation to musical activities. I enjoyed participating in inter house music, orchestra and choir and went on to gain a grade 8 distinction in violin.
Has the rigourous discipline of school uniform requirements diminished or what? The copious display of female leg flesh is apparent in the environs of Holcombe Brook!!!! I am adamant that this would not have been permitted in my day!!!!
Best Wishes Woodhey for the future

from Jamie Holt, Richard Woodward, Lee Tennant, Si Greaves, Phil Whittaker ( on Friday, November 17.
Leaving year: 2000
We are all here enjoying the college life.We just wanna let everyone know at Woodhey that we had a brilliant time over the five years! We met a lot of top people and we'll never forget u all! Si says Hi to Mr.Horrocks-your a phatt guy! Lee says hi to Sam G! Jamie says sort your taps out to Mrs.Spokes and Phil says hi to Mr.Pilkington! See you all soon and we hope every does as well as we did - u get out of it what u put in!
Oh and come to college because its the best step to take-see you later peoples!

from Sam(antha) Smith ( on Friday, November 17.
Leaving year: 1999
I left school last year, and now I'm in my second year of college, doing geography, chemistry and environmental science at Bury College.
I'd like to thank all the teachers who helped me get my GSCE grades, and generally helped me through school:- B.D. (Mr Dunning), Mr Roadnight, Mr Garvey, Mrs Ellis, Mr Dunn, Mrs Tungatt, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Bhim-Rao, Mr O'D (who's no longer there), Mrs Hibbert, Mr Hodkinson, Mrs Bennett, Mr Cutting and Mr Turner. I think that's probably most of the teachers in the school!!!
I've applied to do geology at university next, but haven't been offered any places yet.

from James Humphreys ( on Wednesday, November 15.
Leaving year: 1993
Woodhey!!!!!! What a place! It was like Butlins but with homework!!
No seriously though, this place was and still is the best school in the world. I had the pleasure to be taught by the elite during my time there, including the fantastic Brian Dunning, Madame Rothwell, Mrs Burrows and the one, the only Frank Bennett, to name a few. The things I do miss above all about the good old days are those excellent language lessons with Madame Rothwell and the footy at breaks with the boys , Robert Jones, Paul Unsworth (who liked Emma Collins a bit I recall), Jason Walker, Glen Mossop, Andy Hitchen, Andy Ellis, Jonathon Watson.
Hi to all the girls by the way, Natalie Clarke, Joanne Barnes, Emma Collins, Emma Hunter, Sarah Driver, Charlotte Baby, Rachael Drake. Cheers guys for the good times and ....PARTY ON!!!..and come to WWW.PRIDEOFMANCHESTER.COM

from Chris Whitlock ( on Tuesday, November 14.
Leaving year: 2000
I'm now at Accrington & Rossendale College studying catering and hospitality. I had a great time at Woodhey and did really well in all my exams. Thanks.

from Andy Holt ( on Sunday, November 12.
Leaving year: 2000
Thanks for the great memories at Woodhey. I'm now at Holy Cross College, studying Geography, Business Studies and P.E. Also thanks to all the teachers and especially B.D. for the great soccer and cricket sides!

from Peter Rowley ( on Tuesday, November 7.
Leaving year: 1996
I left woodhey back in the days of 1996. I went on to progress onto college were i am now in my final year of GNVQ Advanced IT(computers). Thanks to Mr Turner for making P.E a decent subject and Ex headmaster Mr Bennet for being a cool headmaster.

from James Sharples ( on Tuesday, November 7.
Leaving year: 1997
Hi everybody! Can't get rid of the Sharples family! Currently studying business at Sunderland, got no money, no mates, and it never stops raining! Big thanks to all my older teachers especially the English staff for all those years of putting up with me and my mate Sev!

from Neil Jones ( on Saturday, November 4.
Leaving year: 1991
Thanks for all the happy memories. I can't thank Woodhey and 'Big Frank' enough for the way you shaped my life.
After leaving the school as Deputy Head Boy in 1991, I spent 3 years at Holy Cross and 6 months (yes - I know!) at Liverpool John Moores before joining the Royal Bank of Scotland.
At 21 years old, I became the youngest ever manager in the history of the Bank and eventually moved onto, the internet bank. I have also somehow found time to set up with fellow ex-Woodhey pupils James Humphreys and Rob Jones (my 'little' but bigger brother). If any other ex-pupils want to help out on the site, please contact me.
I would love to get back in contact with anybody who knows me, especially David and Rachel Drake, Alan Holden, Robert Hunt, Seth Rees Williams, Kate Pedler, Natalie Clarke, Margaret Graham and of course Frank Bennett.
Once again - Thanks to all the teachers for their fantastic influence on my life who have helped me achieve the lifestyle I could have only dreamed about all those years back (and let that be a lesson to any current pupils! Listen now, enjoy later!)
Here endeth the lesson, Neil
Mob. 0780 306 3367
P.S. If Mr. O'D still works there - can I have the Queen Greatest Hits cassette I lent you in 1989 back please!

from Andrew 'Booti' Bootland ( on Friday, November 3.
Leaving year: 1992
Good to see most of the old teacher sare still there. How's it going BD still running for politics???? Remember me Mrs. French? Just to let you know i'm doing well in the world, (now working in the telecoms industry on private switches). Sorry to see Mr. Bennett leave but we all move on in live i suppose. As you can see me English hasn't improved at all. Wishing you all the best and congrats on the school hall at last....
If any students wish to use the internet outside school hours, my friend has opened Bury's first internet cafe on Bolton Street next to the ELR railway station. They can check out the facilities and prices at the address above.

from Sharron Hargreaves ( on Sunday, October 22.
Leaving year: 1985
Was v.interesting to stumble across this web page. Was at the 1985 reunion where I suddenly realised how old I was due to a large majority of my former male colleagues having less hair. Lots of scary teachers have now left. I can still remember Mr Das throwing the " Art of English" across the class when my concentration slipped for more than a second. I survived that episode and many more. Favourite teacher, Miss Ford , and I can see from the staff list she is still there. She encouraged me even though I was usually preoccupied with Man City and being a Mod.
I live in Cheshire now so I don't have much contact with Bury but I wish Woodhey lots of luck.

from Robert Jones ( on Thursday, October 19.
Leaving year: 1993
7 years have passed since leaving Woodhey and I still think about my time there a lot. Having made such great friends such as Jim Humphreys, Glen Mossop, Lloyd Phillips, Jonnathan Miles Watson, Craig Bajda, Paul Unsworth, Andy Hitchin, Martin Horrocks, Richard Holden, Charlie Morrison, and of course, the late Lee Wilkinso

(RIP), I still try my best to keep in touch. It is great to see some of the old teachers ticking off more years still, I couldn't believe some of old favourites are still hanging around.
I am now a supply teacher in the Manchester area and am currently teaching a class of 5-6 year olds. They are brilliant and there are only 13 of them, so I have called them my Von Trappes. I am currently living in Stockton Heath, Warrington, and at the age of 23, I have suddenly stopped to think where my life is heading, who knows ? Without Woodhey though, I wouldn't be the person I am now - proud of what I've achieved!
Please email me if you know me and let's set up a reunion do for 2003 -the tenth anniversary !
Cheers Rob

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