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Name : Stephanie Brennan on Monday 31st March 2008
Email :
Year Left : 1996
Message : HI all,

Just stumbled upon the Woodhey web site and after having a good laugh at some of the photo's and comments i thought i would say a quick hello. Nice to see so many of old names on there like Mr Bowerbank - who was only a student teacher back in my day check u head of history, Mrs Baines will forever be etched into my memory from every school play and great drama lesson, Miss ford who always scared the life out of me and was a great teacher despite me failing French , Mr Hodkinson who has to be one of the greatest teachers of all time and an avid Bolton fan if i remember rightly, Mr Cutting and Mrs Tungatt who was my form teacher for the last 2 yrs at school who had the greatest task of all keeping me in check. Thanks to you all for some great memories .... and some bad ones :)

Im doing well working as Head of UK Developments & Sales for an Irish property development company heading up all their UK business so defiantly all work and no play which may come as a surprise to most of the teachers who taught me as is totally not what anyone expected of me but then I always did like surprising people. Anyway hope your all doing well and best wishes to all the staff.

Stephanie Brennan (Woodhey 1991-1996)

Name : neil westhead on Friday 28th March 2008
Email :
Year Left : 2006
Message : hello everyone. how you doi ;)

Name : Teri Edwards on Thursday 20th March 2008
Email :
Year Left : 2004
Message : Hello to everyone there that knows who I am! I love the new snazzy website, and its good to see that Mr Roadknights back. Hope everyone's well, I'm currently in customer service of a proficiency testing company called LGC. Nearly been here a year now and I enjoy it a lot.

See you Soon

Teri Edwards xx

Name : Stephanie Hill on 13th March 2008
Email :
Year Left : 2005
Message : this is well good if i could id write about every stupid thing i ever did at school but i dont have that much time :) just thought id write and say hey to anybody who is interested and mr hudson if you're out there i still love you.

Name : David Nuttall on 12th March 2008
Email :
Year Left : 1990
Message : i looking to get in touch with all classmate that i was in i left in 1990 i got in touch with one class mate and hes called jason bull we were in the same class.I live in leicester now and i have a 3yrs old son.

Name : Lauren Allpress on 26th February 2008
Email :
Year Left :
Message :
Woodhey - best five years of my life!

Name : Hayden J Bradshaw on 11th February 2008
Email :
Year Left : 2007
Message : Hiya Woodhey

Very impressing website really like it. I would like to congratralate the new head boy and head girl they will be fantastic. College is going good i'm off to Paris, France with my college on the 10th March 08 next month cant wait. How is everybody there?
Mr Braidley what can i say its has been a fantastic 5 years at that school. I would like to say thank you to everybody there. Please do send me an e-mail back to me it will be great hearing from you all! GRANT HOUSE RULES!!!! Hayden

Name : Deon Ormerod on 1st December 2007
Email :
Year Left : 1988
Message : Me and Sam Jones are looking at organising a school reunion for the class of 1983-88. If anyone still in touch with people from "DEON'S YEAR" then ask them to get in touch on
Thanks Deon

Name : Elizabeth Pepper (Magnall) on 29th November 2007
Email :
Year Left : 1986
Message : Hi Everyone who left in 1986 - I organised a school reunion for our year 18 months ago - not bad turn out - thinking of organising another for May 2008. If you are interested please email me - going to advertise in the Bury Times this time.

It will be good to see you


from Renae Fullard( on 5th April 2007
Leaving year: 1995
Wow.....I couldn't believe it when I came across a Woodhey website!!! It really made me laugh reading the comments from some people I remember.
I left school and went to college doin
g Art and Design. I then move down south and worked at Cambridge University, job role Applications Administrator (approved applications for research grants) and then a credit controller, lived there for about 5 years then returned to my village Tottington in Bury. I now work in Trafford Park as a credit controller/sales ledger.
I've just read the note from Wendy Williams, how funny was that about horses...ha what on earth did that Stuart say?
! Hope your ok?
I never see anyone from school now...where is everyone???
Well thanks to all the teachers and hope life going well for all. Someone get in touch, it would be great to have a school reunion
x x x x

from Laura Shakesby( on 20th October 2006
Leaving year: ?
i went to holy cross college and passed 4 a levels;law, psychology, sociology, and photography. I'm now at Lincoln university doing American Studies and will be studing in america in my second year!

from Hayley Fell, now McLintock ( on 13th June 2005
Leaving year: 1992
Left Woodhey in 1992 and still look back at those years with great fondness. Went to Holy X, got 4 A-Levels and then studied French and Spanish at Manchester Uni. Lived in Madrid for a while then moved to London to work for a Japanese investment bank. Quit the big smoke a year ago and am now teaching languages at a primary school in Kent.
Married Paul McLintock (aka Bullman!) last year after 12 years together. Living in Kent and currently setting up our own company.
Would love to hear from anyone in our year (particularly Jayne Morrison who I have been intending to get in touch with for years now!). Drop me an email, especially if there is a planned reunion - fancy a shin dig school disco style!

from Sam Jones (Sam on 7th October 2004
Leaving year:
Former pupil Sam Jones here Just though i'd drop you a line. Hope all's well. Currently at Holy Cross. It's mint. Big shout to Darius Chamberlain.

from Wendy Williams ( on 2nd July 2004
Leaving year: 1995
can't believe i have just stumbled across this site, it brings back so many memories. After leaving woodhey i went to Bury college like most of us, i then studied interior design at MANCAT in manchester and went onto do a degree in Architecture, i only lasted 2 years it really wasn't for me.
I'm a supervisor at kendals been there for 6 years, i'm married and i'm in the middle of pursuing my dream - working with horses!! alot of nasty things were said about me and horses, yes you stuart wilkinson!!
nice to read about my old mates Frosty, Andy T and Emma Ogley but Abi Latowsky where are you?

from Rachel France ( on 12th January 2004
Leaving year: 2003
I have moved to wigan and i wish that i could have brought Woodhey with me. The reason is well should i say reasons. My 2 years at Woodhey meant so much to me and i will never ever forget it, nor the teachers or the students. I know sometimes i got a bit out of hand and i had my bad moments but i think every one does but can i say thank you to every teacher at woodhey as you were and still are fantastic. I learnt a lot at Woodhey not just in lessons but in everyday life like working together as a team and respect as i know that them 2 things are valued there. I made lots of really great friends and they still are really good friends and i stay in contact with them.
I go to a school called Rose Bridge High School its ok but will never replace Woodhey.All of the teachers have said that i have started with a brilliant attitude and i am doing really well in every subject. I dont think i would have been able to achieve that without my experience at your school so THANK YOU VERY MUCH and carry on being number 1 as you are in my heart.

from Jenny Partington ( on 19th November 2003
Leaving year: 1996
Hey y'all from my year, hope things are going well. Nice to read your comments and hear about how well everyone is doing.
I look back on Woodhey with fond memories, thanks to all the teachers for all your help, especially Shep and Miss Kennedy, oh and Shep, please forgive me for one of the most embarrasing moments of my life so far (if you ever read this) when I gave you a lift back from my sister's leaving do that time, I meant to grab the gearstick and not your knee.....OOPS! :-/ p.s Cath Ellis is a fan-diddly-tastic dance teacher, a great mate and an inspiration to us all, she got da moves!!!

from Pamela Simon ( on 11th November 2002
Leaving year: 1986
Hi there to anyone who remembers me! I left Woodhey at the end of first year when my parents dragged me to Australia for a new life! I've been here ever since and absolutely love it, especially the weather! I work for one of the country's four major banks as a training manager, am married with no kids and live in Melbourne. Would be great to hear from anyone who would like to e-chat.
Cheers, Pamela Vodopier nee Simon

from R Wright ( on 28th October 2002
Leaving year:
Just a quick note to say thank you to two of my favourite teachers who are probably not at the school any more, as i left 20 years ago, but if the rest of the staff are anywhere near as great as Frank Bennett ( i feel that i can call him that now) and Shep then i know the school is in good hands . Once again thanks to all the teachers that had to endure my attitude at school,because your hard work has paid off.

from Andrew Taylor (Andy T) ( on 7 October 2002
Leaving year: 1995
Hi Woodhey.
The wonder years, jumpers for goal posts and all that. Best things about school were Geography with Mr Hodkinson, and French with Mr Od, but last 3 years were cool. After woodhey I went to Bury College and did a GNVQ in Electronic Engineering and got into Loughborough Uni to do Meng in systems Engineering, I lasted 1 week, then went to Central Lancs for 3 months and finally ended up at Man Met 4 3 years. Did freshers week 3 times yesss!
Graduated from there and am now a civil servant for HM Customs and Excise. But am going to Australia next Year.
Frosty, Gaz Lewis where are u guys now? Would also like to hear from ex W formies.

from Rachel Hampson ( on 13th September, 2002
Leaving year: 1993
After Woodhey I went to Holy Cross, did science A levels, went to Bath Uni in 1995 to study pharmacy, graduated 1999 and qualified as a pharmacist in 2000. Am now a pharmacist in Bristol/Bath environs working for Boots - or as my friends say I'm a drug dealer!!!
Anyone can email me, I'd love a few blasts from the past.

from Lynette Sturzaker ( on 30th August, 2002
Leaving year: 1981
Hi my name is Lynette Sturzaker - it was McCambridge. I left woodhey in 1981 after two years as i was in the fourth year when it opened. I was Deputy Head girl and enjoyed school alot. I now live in Preston. I am married and have two children.

from David Winstanley ( ) on 1st July, 2002
Leaving year: 1984
Aye up. Done so much since leaving, A'levels, Degree at Hull Uni. Seen the great King Eric play for Man Utd on many occasions and been there in Barcelona to watch the reds win the European Cup in 99 whilst living in Spain for 3 years TEFL teaching. Back in England for while, but have a beautiful daughter Oihana waiting for me back over there.
Anyone who knows me feel free to get in touch, especially Wolfie, Des Jones and Astrid perhaps?.
PS I'm still as gobby as ever!!!

from Chris Jones ( on 22nd April, 2002
Leaving year: 1999
Hi. Everyone, after leaving woodhey I went to Accrington and Rossendale collage and acheived A-levels in Chemistry and Biology. I then took a year-out and am now going to The university of central lancashire in Septemper to study nursing. Hope everyone I knew at Woodhey is where they want to be and are doing well. Chris.
P.S. If your reading this and you know me please drop me a line at the above address and i'll get back to you. Bye

from Gayle Ormerod ( on 17th April, 2002
Leaving year: 1997
Hi Everyone!!!
Great to read what everyone is up to these days!!! I'm in my final weeks at Glamorgan Uni, studying for a degree in Forensic Science, then off to Cardiff Uni to do a Chemistry PGCE!!! I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the science staff, especially Mr Edwards and Mrs Tungatt, for believing in me and helping me reach my goals!!!!
Got engaged to Dave on September 14th 2001, but no plans for a wedding or kids just yet!!!! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!!!
Take care and hope to hear from you soon, love Gayle x
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