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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Admissions to Woodhey High School are managed by Bury Local Authority.


Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan, will be given a place at the school named on their EHCP.


The standard number of admissions for Woodhey High School is 210.


When Woodhey is oversubscribed, priority for allocation of places will be as follows:


  1. Children in public care (Looked After Children) and previously looked after children. (1) (2)
  2. Children who live within the catchment area. (3)
  3. Children who will have an older brother or sister in the school in September 2022. For this purpose, a brother or sister may be a full or step-brother or a full or step-sister, living at the same address, at the time of admission.(4)
  4. Other children.(5)


If applications are received after the closing date, they will be dealt with as late applications, and will not be considered until after those applications which were received on time.


If there is over-subscription in any category, places will be offered using a straight-line distance measurement from home to school. The distance will be measured using the Local Authority’s computerised mapping system, which measures from the address point of the home property to the address point of the school as defined by Bury Council’s LLPG (Local Land and Property Gazetteer). Those living closer to the school on this basis will receive the higher priority.


Where the final place in a year group can be taken by two or more children living an equal distance from the school, (for example two children living in the same block of flats) the Local Authority will then use random allocation to decide which of the children can be offered a place.


Where a child has parents with shared responsibility and lives with each parent for part of the week, the home address will be decided by using the name & address of the parent/carer to whom the Child Benefit payment is paid or where the child is registered with a GP and in agreement with both parents.


If there is a situation where only one place is available and the next children to be offered are twins or triplets, both twins or the three triplets will be offered places.


1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences for all secondary schools in Bury will be considered equally. If you wish to give reasons for your preferences you may do so. However, parents should note that the criteria given above are the criteria which will be used to offer places. Parents are only entitled to one appeal for an individual school each year. A re-appeal would only be considered if new evidence became available which could not have been made available at the original appeal hearing.


Woodhey Admission details for September 2021

Woodhey has a standard admission of number but, following appeals, took 231 students in Year 7 September 2021. This included:


  • 7 Looked After Children;

  • 10 children with an EHCP for special educational needs;

  • 161 children from the catchment area;

  • 21 siblings;

  • 22 children using the distance criteria;

  • 10 children on appeal.

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