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What is Class Charts? 

Class Charts is a school management software system for teachers, students and parents/ carers. Class Charts can be used by students for the following things: 

- Your timetable 

- Your rewards (ACE points) and behaviours 

- Your homework


How do I access Class Charts?

There are two main ways that you can use Class Charts. 

– Easiest and most convenient way is an App on either Android or Apple phones 

– The second method is to login through or by clicking the icon on the Woodhey website homepage.  


How do I log-in to Class Charts?

1. You would have been given a letter by your form tutor that tells you how to log-in to Class Charts

2.  When you get home, go to 

3. Enter your unique code on your piece of paper. Keep the code safe at home!


How do I see my ACE points, behaviours and homework?

You will see tabs at the top of your log-in page. Click on each one so that you can view your ACE points, behaviours and homework.


What do I do if I have lost my Class Charts log-in?

Speak to your form tutor. They will be able to find you your log-in code again. Alternatively, ask at student services who can help you too.

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