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How have Year 8 groupings been arranged for the Covid-2020 timetable?

The ‘Covid’ timetable for Year 8 is structured differently to our ‘standard’ Year 8 timetable.  On the ‘standard’ timetable, pupils are taught in separate subject blocks and, within each subject block, pupils are placed into sets.  On the ‘Covid’ timetable, there are no individual subject blocks; instead there are common groupings for English, Maths, Science, Languages, Geography, History and RE.  Given that so many subjects are grouped together, in order to come up with the groups for the 'Covid' timetable, we used the KS2 data.  

When pupils arrive in year 7, they are placed into ability bands, which will have been displayed on your child’s Year 7 report:


Name’s Ability Band is - M

The table below shows the four ability bands used for tracking purposes based on pupil’s average KS2 scores along with pupil’s expected GCSE target range:


Average KS2
scaled score

Ability Band

GCSE Target

80 - 89

S = Support


90 - 99

W = Working towards required standard


100 - 109

M = At expected standard


110 +

U = Above expected standard



The groupings for Year 8 use these ability bands.  Most of the pupils in groups 1-4 are from the 'U' ability band and most of the pupils in groups 5-7 are from the 'M' ability band with the remaining groups made up from the 'W' and 'S' ability bands.  Within each ability band, pupils have been placed into a mixed ability group of pupils with a similar range of KS2 scores.  Please note therefore that these groups are not sets.  So, if your child is in group 6, this is not set 6, it is a mixed ability group of ‘M’ pupils. 

The staff are aware of the grouping situation and are therefore differentiating/extending pupils as required.

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