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Jewellery is not allowed. What happens if my child wears jewellery?

Jewellery is not a part of school uniform and as such is not permitted.

Piercings are not allowed, even when covered by a plaster. This includes tongue piercing. Please factor this in if you plan to allow your child to have their ears/nose pierced. Normally recommendations seem to be to be that the stud cannot be removed for about 4 weeks, so please have them done at the beginning of the summer holidays. A student will not be allowed into school with a piercing, even if it is covered with a plaster!

If a child is found to be wearing jewellery in school, they will be asked to remove their jewellery and a record will be made of the system. The jewellery will be confiscated until the until the end of the day. They may collect it from Student Services at the end of the school day. For repeat offenders, parents/carers will be asked to collect the jewellery from school. If the child cannot, or will not, remove the jewellery, then they will be asked to work in the Inclusion room until such time as the jewellery is removed.

The same principles are held for earphones, earpods etc.

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