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Make-up is not allowed. What will happen if my child wears make-up?

Make-up is not allowed to be worn by students. Therefore any make-up is inappropriate in terms of our school uniform (make up includes nail varnish, false tan, false nails and false eyelashes).

We encourage all parents to ensure that their child leaves home without make-up. If a child arrives in school wearing make-up then we will assume that they have applied it since leaving home. They will be asked to remove their make-up (including nail varnish) and a record will be made of the system. At that time, if we find that they have make-up in their bag/pockets we will confiscate it until the end of the day. They may collect it from Student Services at the end of the school day. For repeat offenders, parents/carers will be asked to collect the make-up from school.

Any student found applying make-up in school will be asked to remove it immediately and the make-up will be confiscated (see above).

Students who persistently flaunt the rules regarding make-up will be put onto a report, where they will be checked for make-up in every lesson.

Students who have skin conditions requiring medicated cream giving a 'make up' appearance will need to provide medical evidence. We will then support the student in ensuring an appropriate look. We would usually ask a parent to come into school to agree what 'appropriate' means.

Please note that there has been a recent tendency for some students to have eyebrows changed for cosmetic purposes. If the school considers the outcome to be inappropriate as part of Woodhey's uniform then our infringement rules will apply - however permanent the process.

As with all aspects of uniform, we will make judgements which may be considered to be subjective. You may not agree with our judgement but, in order to enable us to remain consistent, the school’s Relationship and Behaviour Policy will be followed and the appropriate sanction applied until the situation is rectified.

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