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Should I contact the school if my child has been a victim of cyber-bullying?

It is most likely that cyber-bullying will happen outside of school time. For example, pupils should not be using mobile phones whilst in school and web-sites such as 'Facebook' are not accessible through the school ICT network.
Like most things that happen outside of the school it is difficult for us to deal directly with the incident. We are not responsible for our pupils at night or at the weekend and, of course, we cannot police the internet.
However, if we are notified about an issue we will always talk to all the children involved and warn them of the consequences. Most incidents will stop in this way. We will of course always deal with any follow-up incident that happens in school using our regular school sanctions.
If the incident is serious you may wish to get advice from the CEOP website (there is a place to report incidents on-line, see below), or contact the local police.

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