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Mrs C Turner (Subject leader for Sociology; Teacher of English)

Mr M Clough (Subject lead for PSHE; Teacher of Sociology; Teacher of History)

Miss S Goudy (Teacher of Sociology and RE)



Lessons will take place within the Humanities or English Faculty classrooms.


Curriculum overview

Sociology is an engaging GCSE course and is relevant to today’s society. It provides an opportunity for pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of social structure, processes and issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance, and social stratification.  It enables them to become informed citizens, ready to make a positive impact in society when they leave school.


Key ideas of classical sociologists including Durkheim, Marx and Weber and theories such as Feminism will be explored referencing their view of the world and their contribution to the development of the discipline.  Pupils will also learn how to apply various research methods to different sociological contexts.  They will be introduced to sociological terms and concepts concerned with social structures, social processes and social issues.


A variety of teaching and learning strategies are used within the curriculum to enable pupils of all abilities to be challenged and enthused whilst developing important skills that will prepare them for further study in this field or others and life in general.


The eminent sociologist C.W Mills says, "You must learn to use your life experience in your intellectual work: continually examine and interpret it.”


A current Year 9 pupil after less than half a term said about the subject, “I feel like I learn something new every lesson in Sociology, as we study new theories and key terms all the time. It is not easy but I enjoy all the new things. I also feel like it is relevant to everyone because it is about the world around us. I always think of things differently now since studying it at GCSE.”

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