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What is an inappropriate hairstyle?

Woodhey determines the following as being inappropriate hairstyles for our school:
- Hair of an unnatural colour;
- Hair of two or more noticeably different colours;
- Long hair which hangs over the face or over the eyes (girls or boys).
- Hair with lines or patterns cut into it.

Please note; We are not the 'fashion police'! Hairstyles will come in and out of fashion. We will make judgements by using the bullet points above. Making judgements on hairstyles will never be able to be a scientific process and some judgements made will be subjective. You may not agree with our judgement but, in order to enable us to remain consistent, we will still ask your child to spend lessons in the Inclusion room until the situation is rectified.

When making our judgements, we will not take into account whether the student "has had this hair cut before" or "has been in school for the last week with it". This does not mean that it is an acceptable hairstyle. It means that we have not yet dealt with it. If another student is said to have the same hairstyle, then we will seek out that student and deal with them in the same way.

If your child is about to have a new hairstyle, then please check against the criteria above before the haircut takes place. If it is your intention to have your child's hair cut in a different style or dyed a different colour please feel free to contact us first to see if it will conform to the uniform requirements. Experience tells us that young people will often suggest something is fine when in fact it can end up with them being withdrawn from lessons. If in doubt, it is better not to have the hair cut in this way as it will be hard to rectify quickly.

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