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What is `defiance` and what sanction will be applied?

We acknowledge that some pupils will neglect to follow some school rules, even when they are perfectly aware of them. Although sanctions may be applied, this is not usually seen as defiance unless it is a regularly repeated offence.
- Woodhey judges a pupil to be defiant when they directly refuse to follow an instruction from a member of staff or when they perform an action just after being told not to. Examples include:

- Refusing to move or leave a classroom when asked;
- Running off from staff and refusing to listen to them. This sometimes includes;
- Returning to a place they have been asked to leave;
- Continuing to bother another child after being warned;
- Refusing to go to class;
- Refusing to remove a `hoodie`;
- Refusing to take part in a sanction e.g. refusing to go to a detention or refusing to behave in the Isolation Room;
- Refusing to hand over items to be confiscated e.g. mobile phones, earphones, `vapes`;
- Refusal to behave in detention or in the Isolation Room.
These are all examples that we consider to be defiance.
When pupils directly refuse to follow instructions in this way a senior member of staff will be called and the pupil will receive a sanction.

If pupils continue to refuse to follow instructions, they will be sent home for the rest of the day and this will be recorded as fixed term exclusion.

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