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What is inappropriate uniform?

Woodhey High School has a school uniform, as it has since it opened in 1979, and will continue to do so. The uniform is the same as they were when your child started at our school.

At Woodhey, when we refer to the term "school uniform", we mean the following:
- The type, style and colour of clothing, including footwear, that is expected to be worn by all students; - Acceptable hairstyles;
- Students are not allowed to wear any form of jewellery, make-up, or have earphones/earpods on display (make up includes nail varnish, false tan, false nails and false eyelashes).

Inappropriate uniform is any clothes, hair, make-up or jewellery which does not comply with the expectations of the school, as judged by the school. It is not a matter for debate and is the uniform that was in place when every parent of every student currently in the school applied for their child to come.

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