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What is the detention procedure and why has it been changed?

Some pupils may ask pupils to stay behind at the end of a lesson or come back to see them at break or lunch. This is an informal detention and does not fall under the school`s formal detention system.
When a pupil has an issue that is considered to be appropriate for the school`s detention system, the member of staff concerned will inform the child that they are in detention for the next available lunchtime. The staff member will then use our electronic recording system to allocate the pupil to the detention.
Once recorded on the detention system, the pupil`s name will appear as red on the register. This means that every teacher is able to remind the pupil that they have a detention. The teacher who teaches the pupil directly before lunch will escort the pupil to the detention, or will ensure that another member of staff does so.
The detention will last for 30 minutes.
This has been changed from an after school sanction as the sanction will be more immediate and parents/carers will not need to be informed in advance. Parents/carers will be informed later that day that their child had a detention and we ask parents/carers to talk with their child about the behaviour that led to the detention.
Refusal to attend detention will be seen as defiance.

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