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What is the Isolation Room?

The Isolation Room is a quiet room separate from normal classrooms. This keeps pupils separate from the school population:

There are any number of reasons why a pupil will be working in there e.g.;
- Disruptive behaviour;
- Removal from a lesson to enable other pupils to learn;
- Separation from peers whilst a situation is investigated;
- Anxiety in large classes;
- Disapplication from a particular subject;
- Incorrect uniform - separated from peers to make it clear that the uniform has been judged not to be suitable for lessons.

As your child would still be in school during their regular hours, we are not obliged to let you know in advance that your child has been placed in the Isolation room. If necessary, you will be informed by letter, text or email. Work is sent for from the lessons which the pupil would usually attend.

Refusal to follow instructions in the Isolation Room will be treated as defiance.

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