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What is the school rule relating to headphones/earphones/earpods?

Listening to Music or other audio is a distraction to students in school. During school hours, they should be focussing on learning and their relationships with the people around them.

There is no need for a child to use their headphones/earphones/earpods during a lesson or between lessons. During the school day, students should keep their headphones/earphones/earpods switched off in their bag.

Students may not use headphones/earphones/earpods on the school site. As well as all teaching areas this also includes all other inside areas of the school including corridors, toileting areas, the canteen and all outdoor areas.

If students are found with their headphones/earphones/earpods out they will be confiscated. They will be able to collect at the end of the school day, when they may do so from Student Services. If a student becomes a persistent offender, then parents will be asked to collect the headphones/earphones/earpods from school.

If a student refuses to hand over their headphones/earphones/earpods then this will be considered to be defiance. The school’s Relationship and Behaviour Policy will be followed and the appropriate sanction applied.

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