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What is the school rule relating to mobile phones?

From 1st September 2021, students are not allowed to access their mobile phones when on the school site. Before arriving in school students should put their phones switched off in their bag. They should not keep them in a pocket of their blazer or trousers.

Students may not use a phone anywhere on the school site. This includes when they are outside at break or lunchtime.

If students are found with their phones out, their phone will be confiscated. They will not be able to collect it until the end of the school day, when they may do so from Student Services. If a student becomes a persistent offender, then the confiscation period will be longer and parents will be asked to collect the phone from school.

If a student refuses to hand over their phone then this will be considered to be defiance. The school’s Relationship and Behaviour Policy will be followed and the appropriate sanction applied.

We also acknowledge that there are a small number of times when use of a mobile phone in school can be useful to contact parents e.g. in the case of heavy snow. This will only be allowed if a member of staff has given a direct instruction that phones can be used at that time.

We recognise that parents may prefer their child to be able to contact them via mobile phone on the way to or from school. However, you may consider whether it is more sensible for your child to leave their phone at home as the school cannot be responsible for any breakages that occur.

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