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Why do schools ban the use of mobile phones in school?

Mobile phones are a distraction to students in school. During school hours, they should be focussing on learning and their relationships with the people around them. They are a distraction to the phone user and to others around them. There is no need for a child to use a mobile phone for communication purposes during the school day.

Some students also use them to arrange meetings at inappropriate times - for example, some students arrange to meet `in the toilets` halfway through a lesson.

Predominantly however, schools ban the use of mobile phones for safeguarding reasons.

Unfortunately, mobile phones are often used inappropriately. Students use them to photograph or video, often without the permission of the subject. They are also often the tool used by cyber-bullies and those who target others over social media. We feel that children should feel safe from this during school time.

Schools have thorough filters on their IT system to prevent students from accessing inappropriate information on the internet. They also filter all internal communications (e.g. student emails) for use of any concerning language e.g. relating to bullying, self-harm, prejudice etc. This is for the safety of all students. Unfortunately we cannot monitor mobile phones in the same way. Therefore for the safety of students, mobile phones are banned on school premises.

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