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Why do schools have less money to spend now than a few years ago?

Whilst the amount of money per pupil given by the government has stayed broadly the same, there have been some significant increases in costs. Many of these have been caused by government decisions but have not then been funded. These include:

- Rise in Insurance costs;
- Rise in Energy costs;
- Buying in of services which were previously free through the Local Authority.
- Consecutive pay rises awarded by the DFE, but paid for by existing school budgets, including 'living wage' increases;
- Increased employer contributions to National Insurance;
- Increased employer contributions to Pensions;
None of these decisions are made at school level and none can be changed by the school. For example, new government imposed increases to employers pension contributions will cost Woodhey around £200 000 per year for the same staff that we employed in the past. This will have to be found from our existing funding.

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