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Why have a school uniform?

Setting the standard for, and enforcing, a school uniform is not just a matter of appearance. It is a matter of upholding discipline, ironing out defiance and ensuring that staff have appropriate authority. The school uniform plays an invaluable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone.

A healthy and civilised society runs on a series of rules that enable everybody to live together safely and in harmony. Aligned with the rules, society has a series of etiquettes and conventions that allow people to feel comfortable in their dealings with each other, and give guidance to the way in which each individual should act. Firm knowledge and use of these conventions will enable young people to gain employment and have success in other areas of life. Most employers set a dress code and other rules on appearance of their employees. In many cases this is a uniform.

We do not always understand or agree with the rules, but we have a duty to follow them. It is a large part of a school's role to develop responsible citizens who will work within the rules for the benefit of all and try to follow and use conventions to support their own development. Setting and upholding a school uniform is a major part of this.

Uniform can also:
- provide clarity. If a school has no school uniform, it will almost certainly have a dress code. This can be difficult to describe, hard to interpret and virtually impossible to police. - reduce cost. Although a school uniform is an additional expense, over a full year a parent will find that a reasonable school uniform plus out of school leisurewear will cost less than leisurewear every day of the year. The uniform policy also makes it clear how a school can support parents who struggle to pay for school clothing. Parents don't have to shop for expensive and varied wardrobes for their children to 'keep up with' or 'show-off to' other children and students worrying about what to wear each day. - show membership that you are part of the Woodhey community and be a positive advertisement for the school. Our reputation in the local and wider community is of immense importance to both the school and the student. Woodhey has an excellent reputation based on many factors, not least our standards of behaviour and presentation. When our students are out together on a school trip we all have the same uniform and so it is easier to stay together. Wearing a uniform instils a sense of pride and discipline in students.

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