Welcome to #TeamWoodhey!

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to welcome you to Woodhey High School.

Everything we do at Woodhey us underpinned by your two core values: Respect and Excellence. We believe in the importance of respect for all, regardless of background, and the belief and willingness to strive for excellence to ensure everyone can achieve their very best. We want our students to be able to compete with the elite from across the country and be fully prepared for life after school.

Academic excellence is vital to improving the life chances of our students, and we make no apologies for putting this at the heart of all we do. Students are supported to learn challenging knowledge across a range of subjects that will allow them to achieve academic success. However, we understand that school is about more than just lessons, and work together as a team to make school enjoyable and bring learning to life through trips, visits, guest speakers and extracurricular activities.

We have high standards and expectations in all that we do, as we know that it is only with such high standards and expectations that true success can be achieved. We are fortunate to benefit from a supportive community of students, school staff and parents and carers who work together to ensure our high standards and expectations are met and provide support where this is needed.

I hope our website gives you a taste of our school, but nothing can replace seeing us in action. If you would like to visit us to get a better feel of Woodhey, please do not hesitate to contact us, using our contact page.

Mr D Watson

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